I effectively started ministry over 15 years ago which means that I was a lot younger, tender footed and green horned if you like.  I agree that I was green horned because unlike most, I didn’t have this special mentor who upon realizing I had a call upon my life (and we all have the call) the time to prepare me for what ministry held.  I was also at the point in my life when I was learning to ensure that obedience was my default mode, so I was quick to jump in.  But most truthfully is the fact that I wasn’t wise enough to know that ministry was a mine field of sorts, so I jumped right in.

Given this background, you can imagine the grief, mistakes and probably pain I might had caused those closest to me, those who believed in God’s call upon my life but most especially God Himself.  Though I was called, to say I was rough around the edges would be an understatement.  I was rough all the way.

Today, over 15 years later, as I write this on a plane back from three weeks of ministry in Europe, one thing is clear, I have grown in wisdom and in stature (wish I didn’t have to include stature) but I guess then all of scripture would not be fulfilled, see Luke 2:20) But the truth is I have grown…

You see God’s grace is His empowering presence and this releases in us or activates in us the capacity to grow beyond what we could have prepared or enrolled for.  

This grace comes sometimes by the experiences and situations we encounter and our choice to stick with the right thing and follow to the end.  These experiences begin to enable us see life and situations through the eyes of God and in the process some of our rough edges are smoothened out as is needed. 

With time, we begin to see how we have changed because this is evident to us and to those around us and essentially we take a step closer to becoming like Jesus.  While this isn’t to announce that in 15 years I can attest that I see a bit more of Jesus in my life, it is to alert us to recognize in ourselves and others the audacity to keep moving forward despite our inadequacies and lack of depth and wisdom.  This is essential because my thinking is if God wanted to use perfect people then He certainly would not have picked me, but maybe He would pick you.  

I am glad He did pick me though and I am even excited that life and experience sometimes form the bedrock of the GRACE that makes us wise. And you see, wisdom is part of creative genius, but this particular genius is worked out through what we pass through.

So what is wisdom?  It is knowing what to do and when to do it based on the information we have at our disposal.

If Jesus had to grow in wisdom, I am grateful for all the situations, experiences and people that have helped me become my own creative genius.  So you see, it is not only the especially high IQ people who are geniuses, even ordinary people like you and me can be genius.  As long as we allow what we face to teach us a lesson or two and we become the wiser, we certainly are genius.

This genius that manifests in wisdom then in the place of a relationship makes it easier for the people involved in the interaction to do better than they would have done without the maturity and wisdom available. Earlier in ministry and life, there were relational transactions that I messed up all by myself because I didn’t have the requisite wisdom to deal with them.  …

Because you see, wisdom is the principle thing and in getting it we ought to get that understanding as well.  What do you think?

And I apologize to everyone for whom my rough edges made life uncomfortable because I am better now, I promise, I know more times than before what to do and when to do it based on the information I have, though I still have a long way to go.

Be well.



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