Ultimately… We Rest In The Finished Work


One of the words that I had used to describe the experience of 2014 is STABLE.  I choose that word not because I have arrived as we say, but because the decision at the start of the year to make a commitment to rest helped me.

While I was able to slip in moments of physical rest, most of the rest I learnt this year happened in my mind.  I had to intentionally learn that no matter what happened, rest is not in what is on-going but in the finished work.  In Genesis 1, the reason God rested from his work was because He had finished the work of creation.

Being God, I imagine He knew even while He made the decision to rest that in three short chapters man would make the fatal mistake of disobedience in the garden, yet God rested.  He knew that the consequence of that disobedience would be on going and cause a separation from Him that would require major fixing, yet God rested.  Surely God because He knows the end of a thing from the beginning knew that His children would turn away many times from Him and the path He charted for them; yet God rested.

The reason God rested was because He knew that even when all those things happen; because He had finished the work, everything will be alright. Borrowing a leaf from our Father therefore, we also need to rest knowing that He has got this.

The work is done! Whatever the Lord doeth is good, none can add to it and none can subtract from it.

So even when I cannot see the manifestation of the promise, I choose to rest, though the answer and solution seems to take too long coming, I choose rest.

I choose rest because as my Father is, so I am. I choose rest because ultimately… Rest is in the finished work.

Choose rest.



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