Ultimately…Destiny is One Day At A Time


As we come to the close of this edition, I cannot help but say that I have learnt so much more than before we started how to live a full life in adventure.

I have learnt to let God, I have learnt not to see things from face value, I have learnt that even in destiny there is a need for a plan, I have learnt that maturity is required to inherit. I learnt that we could change in the course of this adventure without knowing we have, and so we must ensure that we watch our patterns.

I have come to realise that every adventure begins with a first time and that there is nothing to be afraid of. I saw that Prayer play a great part in the adventure and so much more.

However, my biggest learning in all these is the fact that most of adventure will be easier handled one day at a time. The reason we must do so is because then it will be a trust walk and then most definitely, our bond with God will be strengthened.

Destiny is ordained by God, and if we align ourselves with Him and trust in His daily instructions it is impossible for us to fail. Trials will come in the course of the journey; uncertainty will appear without warning but in the end God remains God.

So ultimately, Destiny Adventure is about stepping out daily following the good shepherd in faith trusting that wherever the path leads us we will find pasture.

Ultimately, God holds the aces, and one day at a time is what we can handle and should be all we take on. At the end of this story, we win, yes we win… Ultimately!



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