Transactions, Birth Technologies and Expertise.


Welcome! Have you ever felt like you took two steps forward and ten steps backward, and then you wonder if you are ever going to make it? Well, I am in that place again. Sometimes, I actually feel like this struggle is peculiar to me and me alone. What is wrong with me, I ask? Why is it that yesterday I could see so clearly and today, I am unable to see beyond what seems to have gone wrong? 

Like Paul I am wondering; who will save me from this body of sin? Who knows how to transact without ever failing and making mistakes? Who?

Well, enough of my rant; let me try and make sense of my situation this morning… honestly though, why is it that for every single principle that is put out, I have to physically learn the ropes on my own? What is wrong with me? Why am I unable to learn from another person’s transaction?

Hmmmm! Still ranting eh? Well, it is just that I thought I had passed this test and will never have to go back to it again. Maybe I am unteachable… or do you think so? Or maybe I wear my heart on my sleeve, as Biodun often tells me… whatever that means.

Well, here is what happened. Remember, I told you how God had restored Biodun in a way only He could in the last edition? Well, guess what? Even though he is yet to finish the first six months of his contract, they have already renewed it ahead of time! God is indeed too faithful for words. Well, it seemed that, that is where it would end for me.

While, I was still reeling from the gracious mercy of God, Biodun had to go and spoil it for me. All I could see, when he called to tell me the great news was how, we were finally going to be able to afford a summer holiday, even if for only one week. The moment I got off the phone, I started to scout for places we could go to, on the ‘cheap’. For me, it was more of a strategic trip than anything else. You see, we all have visas that we have not been able to use because of the turn of events.

Now if you know anything about embassies, not using a visa they issued to you, Transactions, birth technologies and expertise may be the reason you don’t get issued another one.

So I was planning a trip. Then Biodun calls to tell me that God wants him to use 50% of his pay as seed money into the church’s building project going forward! Where exactly was the church last December, I screamed! How come now that we can actually come out of the woods and smell the roses again, we have to begin to fund building projects, I squealed.

Biodun just laughed and told me, he knows I will get it! Well… after a few days of not talking to both him and God, I finally get it! You see if we obey what he has asked us to do, then we can claim first and foremost, that we know how God transacts for destiny. Secondly, we can be sure that he will find a way to ensure that we always have something to be thankful for. But most importantly, going through every phase, for me; means I can become someone who has the technology pat down; and can teach it to others.

You see, some of the transactions in our lives we can do without honestly, but because the God we know and have experienced is, the God we can share with others; it becomes expedient that we go through.

By the time God explained it to me in these terms, I could not help screaming ‘I get it now’. But my concern is; will I get it tomorrow when a new transaction shows up? It seems to me that a new one will definitely show up, because I mean; even with God, the reward for work is more work. He loves the fact that we know his voice and will eventually follow his leading.

He needs more of his children to recognise and follow his voice, he wants us to understand and teach the technologies for greatness that he releases to us; and all of this will take transaction after transaction.

I guess I am saying that you should please, not tire of the ‘drama’ that is my life; my father says it is because my life will be a constant distilling of technologies through the transactions that we will go through. The only reason why I am able to tell you about it is because I have gone through it.

 What are you going through today? Take heart, God is not punishing you, He is preparing you to be able to lead others through… each transaction apart from benefiting you, should benefit others and for that reason, he will not spare us the discomfort that may come with them. Enjoy your transaction because it is the stuff that experts are made of.

Love always.



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