Dear God

I drove on the 3rd mainland bridge in Lagos yesterday and I was reminded of your sovereignty, your creativity and your awesome power. Even if a man succeeded in creating the ocean, will he succeed at maintaining it the way you do? Indeed Lord, you are awesome, your creativity and wisdom can never be fathomed. You who founded the Earth upon the waters and established it upon the seas, You, who exist outside of time, indeed there is none like you, dear God.

Father, the universe serves as a reminder that you are a creative God and man’s activity on earth reveals that you have given each of us a measure of creativity to ensure that we live purposefully on earth. The question on my heart today is: Why does it seem as if man has moved from creating purposefully to creating conveniently? Why does your creation not reflect your values?

Lord not even our children are immune from the madness of man’s creativity.  Surely, I have searched your Word and this is not what you intended when you gifted us with genius, so why do you allow it?  Is it that you cannot stop man?  Can you not wipe it all out and create another world?  Who gave man this audacity?

Sometimes I fear and wonder if it makes sense to bring a child into this world but then I quickly check myself because I know that my life isn’t mine to determine.  But Lord, really it will be great comfort if you tell me what you intend to do about this degradation and degeneration.  My heart bleeds for your earth, doesn’t your heart bleed?

Daddy, when you return, will you indeed find faith on earth? Lord, what will the creativity of the next generation look like? Lord, when will Christians be bold enough to project your values and standards in all their creative expressions – their businesses, homes, marriage, children, ideas…? When?

Better still father, when will you return?

Your Daughter



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