Scripture: Genesis 1:28

“And God blessed them, and God said unto them, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.””

The scripture above is part of the first mandate God gave to man in the beginning.  This mandate as far as I am concerned is the bedrock of all that mankind is meant to achieve and should achieve.  The first limb said to “be fruitful”, and this for me means that God put man on earth to produce.  What this means to me personally is: if I am not producing anything in my life, then I am definitely not walking in this mandate.

The second limb of the mandate is to multiply, and as I wrote in my book Destiny Navigational Application, it takes a production to multiply.  Once we begin to produce, we are naturally expected by God to up the ante and move into a place where we take the same seed to bring about a greater harvest both for impact and for wealth generation.

Our focus and emphasis today, however, is the word REPLENISH.  What does it mean to replenish? The word ‘replenish’ according to the dictionary means to restore, recharge, fill, top up, restock, etc.  For replenishment to happen at all, it must be that something has either broken down or run out.

The call to Replenish, is, therefore, the mandate to restore a run-down and broken earth.  The essence of the mandate is the fact that God, even from the beginning knew that the earth was going to run into the hiccups and issues that it has run into in our generation.  He, the all-knowing God, therefore, ensured that He included a provision for restoration in the very first mandate.

Now in line with our topic, The Solutionist Anointing, I am aware that you are wondering what it means to be a Solutionist and how this ties with the scripture in Genesis 1:28.

A Solutionist is an individual who is adept at problem-solving. 

Now, I agree not many people can boldly refer to themselves as Solutionists. However, in my opinion, a Solutionist is first one who recognises that he has what it takes to be one.  This recognition is meant to spark in him or her a desire to manifest as one, and that is where the journey begins from.

In answering the question “how does this tie to the scripture”, I also want to point out that when something is run down or broken down, and someone takes the initiative to restore or fill it up, that person is effectively bringing solutions to where there was a challenge or a problem.

This is my conviction when I declare that according to Genesis 1:28, man has been mandated to become a solution to a fallen earth.  Based on this premise, therefore, I will like to declare the Solutionist manifesto as follows:

As a Solutionist, man is called to be focused and strong enough to speak solutions even when others may not agree or may not see the possibility.  Being a Solutionist is not a popularity contest but a place where man hears the mind of God, aligns with it and declares it to his world as an answer to a problem or challenge.  The Solutionist is the man who will use everything that God has put in his DNA (see Genesis 2:7) to bring about a better earth aligned with the agenda of heaven.

Here are a few vital things we must understand about the Solutionist Anointing:

  1.  It brings solutions to problems and becomes the game changer for his sphere of influence and establishes the Kingdom of God in the process.
  2. It is released in the place of intimacy and relationship with God. It takes an alignment between man and God for man to rise to the fullness of the solutionist anointing.
  3. Every child of God is potentially a Solutionist if they take responsibility for their gift they have been endowed with and produce by it.
  4. Solutionists don’t speak of themselves, they take of God and bring to their earth, in humility and grace.

Having highlighted that, what makes a Solutionist?

  1.  The ability to hear and see what others cannot – The Solutionist is not a crowd follower.  While he is not special in anyway, he is bold enough to stand with God, and push into Him to receive counsel that others cannot hear or see.  This is achieved by the depth of his relationship with his God and his ability to take responsibility for his God-given gift.
  2. Perspective – I have chosen to define perspective as the ability to see beyond the obvious.  This is usually an ability to look at what others are looking at, and see with the eyes of God.  That is why others may be shouting “there is a casting down”, and the Solutionist is screaming “there is a lifting up”.  He has perspective beyond the obvious and my Pastor calls this – the throne perspective.  The Solutionist isn’t an ostrich, but he has divine intel that enhances his perspective.
  3. Hunger for More – Taking another look at the mandate we have been given, on paper it seems to me like one of the easiest things that man should be able to follow through on.  However, I also know from experience that this is one of the most difficult journeys of life.  The ability to take the mandate and follow through with it.  This is why unlike the ordinary man, the Solutionist needs to know, believe, understand and hunger for MORE.  He needs to not only believe God that there is more to life than he sees but be hungry enough to be able to step out in the quest for this MORE.  We call these ones the dream chasers in some circles. However, beyond dreaming, these ones make the sacrifices to ensure that they find MORE, whatever it represents for them.
  4. Dynamic – The Solutionist is dynamic.  He is not religious, he is a Kingdom-focused person.  He goes where God goes.  He is not one who settles, and it is not that he is restless. Instead, it is usually because he is consumed by PURPOSE.  The dynamic Solutionist is ready for and willing to change in a heartbeat.  He has the capacity to recognise God even when he didn’t see Him coming, and he steps into the river with the Holy Spirit to birth the change in his piece of the earth.
  5. Rank Breaker – In my book, a Rank Breaker is one who steps out of the line to champion a new move of God.  This part of the Solutionist is the most uncomfortable because of the backlash he usually comes across when he breaks rank.  But it is in this mode that new frontiers are discovered and greatness birth.  The Solutionist as a rank breaker defies tradition and steps out.  Inventors and discoverers fall within this range.
  6. Standard Bearer – In August of 2013, I came across the words ‘standard-bearer’ for the first time, up close and personal and my life has not been the same.  The Solutionist as a Standard Bearer is principled and not afraid to stand alone to hold others accountable to God’s standard while submitting to the same standards and keeping them.
  7. Vision – Vision is the ability to think about or plan the future with wisdom.  Every Solutionist must have vision.  This is made possible by knowing their DNA, an ability to hear from God and knowing what God wants to achieve per time. Vision is also a thought, concept, or object formed by the imagination.  The Solutionist’s greatest help in becoming a person of Vision is the person of the Holy Spirit.  A Solutionist knows to maintain his relationship with the Spirit of the Most High God to ensure that he receives a peek into what could be so he could align with God to birth it.
  8. Compassion – Every Solutionist is consumed with compassion for his constituency or piece of the earth.  This compassion ignites in his heart the determination to bring healing, solutions and answers to that piece of the earth.  Our prime example will be Jesus during his earthly ministry.  Every time a miracle was wrought by Jesus, especially when it had to do with others, it was usually preceded by the expression ‘and Jesus was moved with compassion’.  It takes a passion for a piece of the earth for the Solutionist to make the required sacrifices to bring restoration to it.
  9. CourageCourage is required in very heavy doses by those who will arise and take the mantle of the Solutionist Anointing.  If you take a good look at most of the characteristics above, you will agree that courage has to be in the life of the Solutionist in abundance to pull off what God has called him to.  From Abraham to Gideon, from Noah to Moses, from Elijah to Elisha, from Peter to Cornelius and so much more, it all required a huge dose of courage.  Today, it is no different to be able to operate in the solutionist anointing. The saint requires courage.
  10. Wisdom – Wisdom is the final characteristic I would like to talk about here.  While I agree that these are not exhaustive, it is my belief that they form a great foundation for anyone who will step out to be more for God in this season.  Wisdom is the quality of having the experience, knowledge and good judgement.  The Bible said of Jesus that He grew in wisdom and in stature. The Solutionist doesn’t just grow in stature, he needs to keep growing in wisdom to pull off the replenishment and restoration that God has called him to.

Looking at what the solutionist anointing is about and what it takes, might make many a man want to give up even before they begin the journey.  However, there are records of ordinary people who operated in their piece of the earth as Solutionists in the Bible. 

These records are my inspiration in calling us out and pointing to us the fact that what we have been called to do is to become Solutionists upon the face of our earth.

Here are a few people who as ordinary people brought life-changing solutions:

The Four Lepers – In 2 Kings 7

The account is recorded of a great famine in the nation of Samaria to the extent that women were taking turns in killing and eating their children.  The King was distraught, and nobody knew what to do.  In the midst of all the confusion, God sent the Prophet Elisha to the King to announce to him that by the next day abundance was going to come to Samaria. This was humanly impossible so a lord on whose arm the King rested, voiced his doubt.

At the gate of Samaria were four lepers who had upon them the solutionist anointing.  Somehow, their divine antennae picked up the information that the Lord released by the mouth of the Prophet.  Immediately a vision began to form in their mind.  True to the word of the prophet, by the next morning, the four lepers had been to the Syrian camp, the Syrian army had heard their footsteps and misconstrued them for the sound of chariots and they fled.

They fled leaving all their valuable behind and God’s word by the Prophet came to pass just because lepers took action and abundance came to Samaria.  The city that was plagued with a famine received a solution by the hands of four lepers.  For me, the mere fact that these Solutionists were lepers speaks volumes to the reality that God will use ordinary people to make the difference that he wants to make.

What qualities did the lepers exhibit?  Vision– Ability to see/hear what others cannot, Perspective, Hunger for More and Rank Breakers.

The Friends of The Paralytic Man – Mark 2: 1-12.

I am sure you know this story of how four friends broke the roof of the temple where Jesus was teaching to let down their paralytic friend.  In verse 5 of Mark 2, the Bible records that when Jesus saw their faith, he said to the man who was paralysed, “Son, thy sins be forgiven thee”.

Because his friends rose in the solutionist anointing, first the paralytic man was forgiven his sins and then in verse 11, he was healed of the disease.  All of this was because four of his friends decided that they were going to become a solution to a question and a problem that had plagued his life for a while.  The Solutionist is Compassionate, he is other people focused, he is Courageous and he definitely wants more out of life.  These four friends pushed the envelope concerning their friend, and his solution manifested.

The Woman At the Well – John 4: 1-30

This in my book was another great Solutionist.  While the other two brought solutions to what plagued their earth physically, she brought a spiritual solution to her earth.  This story highlights the longest conversation Jesus had with any one individual and in the end the woman who came to the well at the height of the afternoon, the woman who had been married five times and didn’t even know what her fate was traditionally, became the woman through whose testimony many came to meet with Jesus.

Friends, the Solutionist can be anybody. It just takes recognition of what we carry in our DNA and a commitment to arise to the responsibility. 

We need to see our Christianity beyond getting born again and waiting to die and go to heaven.  We have been put here so the earth can become better and regardless of what we face, if we arise to the responsibility of birthing solutions for our earth, our own individual lives are bound to get better.

The question is: would you rather be part of the problem or part of the solution?

May God bless you!


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