The Simplicity of Genius


I dare say to you that the drudgery, the boredom and the tiredness that constantly seems to be your lot is for a reason. Yes, we may argue back and forth on the details, split hairs over the ‘uniqueness’ of your peculiar circumstance, how you have tried and failed, how resources are not available, how people you relied on have disappointed you or how you have struggled so hard and yet have not found meaning, but I daresay again that the reason why you constantly feel dissatisfied on the inside, despite what you have, or may not have, despite your circumstances or situations is for a simple reason:

You have not yet embraced you.

Some are made to dance while some are made to fight. Yes. Some are made to play video games, some are made to write, some are made to write poetry – and yet others are made for great speeches while others are made to simply act. But that’s not all there is to living. Some are made to dance AND write, while others are made to swim AND nurture AND lead…but we are all made for unique reasons – and come equipped with what is required.

But here is where it all becomes complicated. The engineer is told to become a singer, and the fighter is told to become a chef. Michael Jackson is forced to become a boxer, and Mohammed Ali is forced to sing, Albert Einstein is forced into the Army while George Patton is forced to learn Quantum Physics.

In each one of us is the seed of what we are meant to be, what we are meant to excel at and what will naturally blossom as we explore these innate talents. It is 10pm as I sit at my desk, writing my second article in a row after a long day at work. Yes, I am “stressed”, but there is a pleasure in writing, pleasure in pressure. I also love business and found (to my utmost surprise) that I like analysis and strategy and figures, and naturally, I thrive in business circles. But then I like music and combat – and in all, I find I can multi-task.

So what am I driving at?

If you have ever read the book called “The Outliers” by a gentleman called Malcolm Gladwell, there is an interesting theory (or rule) of 10,000 hours. The rule says that to become exceptional in virtually anything, one must spend 10,000 hours practicing that skill – and doing so in the right way. Basically, you become adept because you have spent so much time perfecting an art, and logically, you find that so many people who are “talented” actually started out very early. Jet Li started martial arts at 6, Bill Gates embraced computers at 13, Tiger Woods is said to have start playing golf at age 2, Mozart at 4…and we can go on and on.

The question to ask is, where does one get the passion to continuously practice something they dislike – and if there is no practice how does one excel, become adept or a ‘genius’ in that endeavor?

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will grant/give you the desires of your heart”. This can also mean he puts HIS desire in your heart, that is the desires of your heart are actually His and he placed them in you. Stretching this even further, it is in finding God, that one begins to find oneself because He made you uniquely, to fit into a plan that will pleasure Him and that will pleasure you, like Paul who said “I would rather glory in my infirmity” because he had capacity to do those tough things he (alone) was built to do, and capable of accomplishing.

So, you, my friend, are a genius, made in the image of God Almighty, and if man can do jaw-dropping things, then what is it that is impossible for one who houses the DIVINE fullness of God Almighty?!

You, my friend, are a genius, but if you are meant to soar like an eagle, do not be surprised that you find no joy dancing around in the “safety” of a pen, pecking at the ground and rejoicing at the abundance that has come your way when you stumble on a few worms. Do not be surprised that this false safety that is really your prison gives you no joy, because, you, my friend, were made to fly.



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John Igbinovia wears many hats as a Husband, Father, Author, Public Speaker and Recording Artiste. He is also a Business Consultant, savvy in Business and E-payment systems and passionate about Start-ups, SMEs and Business Development. His educational background is a degree in Regional Planning and Geography from LASU, as well as an MBA from the University of Brighton. John blogs frequently at and his novella, 'Kissing Snakes' is available on Amazon. He enjoys tea, long walks, musical instruments and intense conversations on "The Kingdom".

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