“The immature artist creates to be seen, heard and known.  The mature artist creates because the world needs his voice”.  Pastor Erwin McManus (Pastor and Author)

I was watching a show on Television early one morning, when I saw him and he made this statement which captures for me the essence of why we are geniuses.  I am a genius not because science says I have a very high IQ, but because I am created in the image and after the likeness of God Almighty.  You are a genius for the same reason.

What makes us geniuses therefore is the DNA of heaven we have been gifted with.  The issue now is why do we have the DNA of heaven?  I have come across many a creator or artist that takes what she has been given and deploys it so she would be heard and I have heard their sound which unfortunately ends up as noise.  With this understanding, I started to look again at what I do and how I do it.  It has dawned on me now that what I do is important but how I do it and most importantly why I do it is extremely important.

SOGWe are all co-creators with God on this journey of bringing forth a harvest of the seed of genius we have received.  However, we also want to be careful that what we produce doesn’t become the trap that keeps us down.  Frankenstein created the monster because he wanted to make a point, the Bible says Satan wanted to be like God and that was the beginning of his downfall.

Why do you create?  Work, creativity and genius is how we partner with God and nature to create value… and regardless of how the value we create is deployed in the end we want to ensure that God gets the glory and man is imparted and impacted.

This edition has been long coming, we have had to spend time again looking at what we create but most importantly we have had to look hard and deep at why we create.  We have come to the realisation that we create not because we should be seen, we create so that our DNA may replenish the earth.

In this edition we have a great table set.  Our God’s Leading Lady is Chigozie Udemezue, a woman who has been able to take even the most painful seed to create something so magnificent that the world is a better place for a lot of people. All our usual is served and it is our hope that this helps you as you close one year and move into another with perspective.

In the words of our Lord and Saviour, let your meat be to do His will and it will not matter whether you are seen, heard or known as long as value is birth.  Don’t waste your genius chasing shadows, let God announce you if you must be announced.

In the New Year, we hope to bring you an all new Effectual primed and ready to make a difference in your life and we do pray you will join us to deploy our genius with even more intentionality.

Till next edition

The seed of genius is in you. Use it well.



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