The Framework of Absolutes


Yesterday someone sent a video to a chat group I belonged in and while I had no idea what the video contained, nothing on earth could have prepared me for what my eyes saw and I an still trying to unsee.

For the first time, despite my knack for adventure, I saw a picture of something I can only term as a ‘freak of nature’. I saw a video of a fully grown heamaphrodite. The truth is I realise that this wasn’t even a freak of nature, it was a freak of choice. A fully grown man who decided he would grow breasts and have surgery so he could grow curves like a woman while keeping his male genitalia. If this were a picture I would have argued it was photoshopped but alas, it was a video interview of the …sharing how the decision was a choice and I wondered when exactly we lost our sense of boundaries.

Call me a prude if you like but I know that everything is meant to operate within the framework of absolutes and any time the creature decides that he is above the laid down framework of the Creator the result is usually a catastrophe! I am reminded of when the sons of God took the daughters of men for wives; their children had genetic mutations that are known today as Giants. The thing is it didn’t matter how polished these offsprings were, they were simply not the norm.

Do you remember seeing those movies where the scientist stepped out of the framework of his gifts and decided to create beyond that? Do you remember how it all ended? Always, always a disaster. Folks, I absolutely agree we all have rights but have you ever considered within what framework your rights exist? This is not progress people, this is abuse, this is not civilisation this is stepping further into the chaos we had worked so hard to escape from. This cannot be Freedom, because freedom is usually within the limits of laid down procedures. Yes, we ought to dream, yes we ought to explore our genius but every time we allow our so called genius pull down, destroy and plunder the very Kingdom we have been put here to preserve, we take another giant leap into oblivion.

Boundaries and frameworks maybe viewed by many as limiting and hold backs but we need to consider again that since we are not the Creator, then surely, if He put the frameworks and boundaries there, it honestly must be because He knows they are the best thing for us.

I am not in the mood to argue this with you because I am confident you are not the Creator and for that simple reason I can call you out and bring to your focus again this very simple fact that regardless of what power and influence you may possess you don’t get to play God; no you simply don’t!

The point is that we are all gifted powerfully with a creative genius which was intended for something great within the framework that our Source, Owner and God and while we have creative license over what we create, we have no right to abuse the framework.

Ask Adam and Eve and you may learn a thing or two…most importantly, try as hard as you may. You are not God, therefore stop trying to play Him. May your creativity never cease.









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