The DNA of God Almighty Is In Me


Can you read the words above again, please? This time, read it slowly and let the full import of what you are saying sink into your being. It means that there is an unbreakable spiritual genetic link between you and the God of all Creation! Do you know what this means? It means that your ‘Potential’ is guaranteed! Whether you can see it or not, whether you believe it or not right now, you have potential. How come? Because your Source (what you are made from; where you come from) determines your potential and you, my dear One, come from God.

Sometimes, I think we need to sit down and let the wonder of this truth sink in. The moment we truly ‘get’ what this means, we will begin to move to another level in our walk with and work for God.  The first time I truly got the truth of having God’s DNA in me, I was totally blown away by it. I figured that, if this was the case, then being like God, doing what He does is actually my nature. It should therefore not be a struggle. Much in the same way I don’t struggle to laugh like my mother or look like my Papa, my Prof. I just laugh like her and look like him. I do this because I have their DNA in me. Their genes in me manifest effortlessly. So, if I have God’s DNA, then my attitudes, motivations, perspectives, desires and goals must reflect this biological connection effortlessly too. There should be an overwhelming desire in me to be a blessing to others as God has been a blessing to me. Indeed, I should instinctively know, via His DNA, what He would have me do.

But you and I know that somehow this is not the case for many of us. Why are we not exhibiting God’s DNA in our day to day lives and interactions with others? It’s a no-brainer; too much flesh. The old man is refusing to stay nailed to the Cross. And God’s DNA is really His Spirit and we can only remain ‘in His image’ (look like Him) and live ‘in his likeness’ (do what He does; rule in dominion and fulfil purpose) if our lives are governed more by His spirit and less by our own flesh. And letting the old man win like this is really a crying shame because we are losing out on so much of our God-given potential. Let me explain what I mean.

You know that God has the ability to speak things forth. His very words have creative force. He used that force to speak the entire Universe into being. You and I have this power too, and I don’t know about you, I want to put more of that power to use in my life. But what I really want to show you today is this:  

In the beginning when God wanted to create the world and all that is in it, He had a plan. He knew exactly how and what ‘material’ He would use for each creation. For each thing, he created, he already knew what substance they would come from.  The plants and animals came from the ground. Fish and sea creatures came from the sea, etc. But do you know what ‘material’ He spoke to when He wanted to create you and me? He spoke to Himself!

Genesis 1: 26 Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, [a]and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

Glory to God! You and I came forth from God because God planned that we would be spirit just as He is Spirit! And He created us to RULE; to be in dominion over the earth! How about that!

Sadly, too many of us are still running around trying to figure out the meaning of our existence; seeking our purpose in all the wrong places because we forget that God’s very DNA is in us and so the only place we can discover the meaning of our lives is IN GOD and in God alone.

God has created each person with a huge amount of potential. Every day He wakes up and watches over you to see how you will manifest the remarkable gifts He has placed inside of you for the greater good of the world around you.

My final word to you: God created you with the potential to fulfil your purpose. It’s part of your divine DNA.  Don’t let anybody or any situation (past or present) sell you that lie. You just need to invest the time to cultivate it much like you would tend a garden.God will not tend it for you. It’s your job and the first thing you must do is this:

Give your life (or rededicate your life) to Jesus Christ and ask God to open your eyes to see all the weeds, bugs and toxic elements you have allowed the enemy sow in your life in a bid to ruin the beauty of your garden. As you identify them, remove them at once.

And here is the thing: Be ruthless about it. You must be. Because my dear friend, the more diligent you are at fighting to protect the ‘garden’ of your potential, the more its ‘fragrance and beauty’ will be released.

I look forward to hearing your testimony!


About Author

Bola Essien-Nelson is a working wife, mom and blogger turned published author living in the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Lagos, Nigeria. In 2009, her love for people and passion for writing gave birth to her blog ministry, The Salt Chronicles (formerly known as the 'Diary of a Desperate Naija Woman) which serves as a platform from where Bola does her best to encourage people to join her in her quest for Authentic Christianity. Bola's draws her inspiration from all of the life going on around her. She truly believes that, if only we would pay attention, there is a lesson to be learnt from all our experiences; good, bad and even the downright ugly. For three years, she wrote as the 'Desperate Naija Woman' but in January 2012, God gave her a new name. He called her 'Salt' sending her out with a new mission: To use the 'Voice' he had given her to draw lives to His Light. Her first book, in this new dispensation is a collection of fables titled 'True Confessions'.

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