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I had spoken to him a number of times on the phone, and he always sounded so calm to me.  By the time it was firm I was going to be going to Geneva to spend time in his home, I became a bit agitated.  He sounded very very Christian to me, so my worry became how am I supposed to conduct myself in his home.

Yes; it is SistaPower alright and yes you read right, I am celebrating the first man ever on this page.  Dr Peter Olumese is our Broda with the power on this edition.  Not just because he is married to my covenant Sista and Midwife, Irene but because on his own he is too fantastic a human being that whenever I get the opportunity I want to shout it from the roof tops how Christ like this man truly is.

Yes, maybe he wasn’t always this person, but I mean this is who he is that I know, and I am honoured to know him.

So back to my story, less than two weeks before it was time for us to leave for Geneva, with my husband Mark I got back from church one day to see I had missed a call but because the number wasn’t listed and only appeared as an unknown number on my phone, I didn’t think anything about it.

The next day I got to my phone to see I had missed a couple of calls again, but this time the number was listed.  I recognised it as a Switzerland number, and I thought Irene was trying to reach me.  Knowing how detailed she could be I quickly called back while mentally preparing all the answers that she might have regarding the conference they were putting together for me to come speak at.

Only it wasn’t Irene, it was Dr Peter, and his opening words were ‘Irene is in the hospital, and she asked me to call you’.  I was slow on the take, so I responded; ‘okay’.  Then he continued; ‘ I don’t know how much she told you about her health, and I am like; nothing… and he drops what for me was a bomb. ‘Well, she has been on the waiting list for lungs for a while now, and they finally called us on Sunday to say lungs had come available, so she has had to have a lung transplant.’

Huh! As calmly as if he was singing me a lullaby he just told me my friend, midwife and Sista was in ICU.  At this point, my mind went numb.  All I could ask was how is she? And he says ‘well, we are monitoring her progress.’ That was all!

Quickly he changed the subject to tell me how Irene had left instructions that no matter what happened I should know that the conference is going to hold.  Okay sir; but wait… no matter what happens? What can happen? Anyway, that was my first introduction to the real Peter Olumese.

We spoke and emailed many times leading to our departure and considering the details I now knew, I was so grateful Mark was going on that trip with me.  Finally, we arrive at the airport in Geneva, and there he was waiting to pick us up. We got home, and after settling us in and feeding us (yes o, this broda cooks a mean dish).  He said to us that he had to go to the hospital to visit with Irene.  Naturally, we opted to go with him, and in the car, Mark the lawyer started to cross examine him.

Finally in mono syllables he started to give us the details, the more he spoke, the more afraid I became.  By the time we got to the hospital my legs felt like lead; very heavy under me.  Throughout that trip I kept watching Dr P, he made sure we were fed, took us sight-seeing, and joined the women in church decoration as his wife had instructed but more than that, he kept speaking faith.

What makes a man stand this strong in the face of adversity? One thing he told me I would never forget is; ‘when you have done all you can to avert trouble and it still comes to you as a child of God, then you need to rest on the GRACE of God and trust that whatever He does you will be fine’. Wow!

I can go on and on about how Dr Peter influenced me on that trip and has continued to do so.  His faithfulness to his responsibilities in the church regardless of his peculiar situation and demanding job is legendary. His parenting of his son Ehi who was home at the time was second to none; I saw both authority and humility in their relationship.

This was no pretense I kept telling myself; this is his life, and he is doing the best he can with it!

Days went on to be weeks and weeks months before Irene would come out of hospital and in that time she lost her feet due to some complicationspost-surgery, but every time I spoke to Dr Peter he was calm and he always ended our conversation with faith and not hopelessness.

I will never forget when he told us that the doctors were going to amputate; I bawled like a baby, but he told me;

‘God does not allow you to face what His Grace won’t take you through, we trust Him and we love Him regardless’.

Dr Peter, I wanted to on this page, on behalf of your wife and entire family along with the women of the world say a very big THANK YOU to you. Because of your steadfastness, a gift to the body in Irene is still with us today and even though words can never quite fully express our gratitude and admiration, it is our prayer that nothing you have laboured for will be in vain.

Thank you so much. Honestly you deserve so much more, and we know our God who rewards his diligent children will reward you in ways only He can fathom.

Thank you and may God truly bless you.

Because of you, I am definitely better.



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