Shemetris Vital…My ‘Got your back Sista’


Even before we got on the plane in Nigeria, I was already very sure that I was not going to have any issues doing what I loved to do most (shopping) when I got to the U.S. We had been talking; and I knew that she and a few others were going to take some time off work, to help me with anything we would be requiring.

However, I have never met Shemetris and no matter what people think of me, meeting new people can be a little uncomfortable for me. There is the fact that you will have to make the effort to connect and there is always the possibility that you may not quite hit it off.

All the way, from Nigeria, through our stay in the UK, our time in Geneva and eventually getting on the plane in Heathrow, she was following up on our progress and kept asking, if we needed anything done ahead of us. She even wanted to know if I wanted her to get me something to make Mark feel special once we arrived. Wow!

Eventually, we were at Dallas, Fort Worth; and once we cleared Security, there she was with Juanita, while Roz was on her way. We had a convoy of cars to take us to the hotel, but first we had to stop for lunch. I could see that Mark didn’t even know what to make of it all, and yes we had our own people ensuring we were taken care of.

Shemetris thought of everything. We needed Sim cards for our phones and she had arranged for us to have one each. She had everything planned out. She had made come cake pops for us to snack on at the hotel, (of course all the others brought all kinds of cookies, drinks and fruits).

By far the most impressive part of Shemetris though, is her ability to organise, and structure stuff. Her administrative prowess was exceptional. By the time I realised that my trip to Dallas was not going to be a vacation like I had hoped, but that God had other plans for my time there, I was becoming anxious. How was I going to deal with all these people who expressed the desire to see me and meet with me? So I turn to her and say; “you will have to juggle this schedule”. Okay, was what she told me and from that point on she not only knew what I was doing every second of the day, she knew what Mark was doing and she was so efficient that I got it all done and still had time for my ‘all important’ shopping. Shemetris Vital brought her power to bear on that trip and ensured we had, not just a great time, but that we had an impactful time, and were able to successfully meet and make all the contacts and connections we needed to. She drove us all over Dallas and by the end of our trip; she must have added a thousand miles to her car mileage because of us.

With Shemetris, I tasted for the first time, the powerful ministry of the Armour Bearer, and my greatest regret is that it was not my place to ‘import’ her to Nigeria for keeps.

Shemetris, I know you kept telling me you were just doing what God had asked you to do, and I am glad he told you to. However, I want to take this time to celebrate you; and tell you that Mark and I are extremely grateful for all that you did to make our time in Dallas a great one. I celebrate your craving to see God’s manifest glory and I must tell you that you are one of God’s manifest glory I have seen.

Thank you so much for lending your power to what turned out to be a very powerful and impressive trip as ordained by God Almighty himself. Thank you for all the driving you did, thank you for the sacrifice made taking time off work to serve us. Thank you for lunch at PappaDaux, thanks for connecting us to three generations of Craters, thank you for your heart that you wear so openly for everyone to see and tap into.

Thank you for your teachable spirit, but most importantly, thank you for stepping up when I required some spiritual cover, and thank you for just being there. Thanks for breakfast, thanks… I can go on and on.

I want you to know that you are loved and that with no doubt in my mind, your midwives, Sistas and helpers will come.

Love you Shemetris, now and always.



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    The magazine for May 2015 was wonderful and teaches that we should always listen to God and do what he says. Again it is also inspiring.

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      Thank you Uchenna for reading ‘Destiny Transactions’ (the magazine for May 2015). We are glad you were blessed by it. You are loved and appreciated.