‘RUTH-LESS’ Decision Towards The Unknown


What’s in it for me?” or “What do I stand to gain?” could be both the voiced or unvoiced reason/ motivation that drives our decision/choice making at different stages of our life’s circumstances. It is a normal occurrence for us especially as women to gravitate towards anything that will be most beneficial to us materially and financially. A friend attempted to introduce a single lady to an unmarried Christian man but was shocked when the lady’s first question was “What has he got”? When probed, she listed all the things including a good job, a good house, a good car and lots of money. She further stressed that she wanted a Boaz. (Do read the book of Ruth)

I had prayed for a ‘Boaz’ too as a single girl, whose aspiration was to marry a very wealthy and handsome young man someday. Most single women I have met also want their own Boaz. Boaz has become the model, the dream man of most Christian single women but one most important factor in getting a Boaz has always been left out of the picture.

The woman, Ruth, the young widow who eventually got married to Boaz in the Bible did not dream or pray for a Boaz. The circumstance and situation that led her to Boaz was a ‘Ruth-less’ decision she made to follow her late husband’s mother back to the land of her people. There was absolutely nothing, no hope of any benefit for her future there.

Her late brother in-law too left a young widow like Ruth who unable to face a bleak and unpromising future in their mother-in-law’s land quickly decided to kiss her good bye and off she went back to her own people. But, Ruth saw the possibilities of a hopeful end in the God that her mother-in-law and her late husband’s family served. In the midst of her miseries, she refused to be pressured into a convenient decision, a quicker way out, an easy escape from the hopelessness that would have plagued her for following after Naomi.

Instead, Ruth decided to work against the norm. She was brutal to her own certainties with her own people; she was willing to risk the comfort of her immediate environment where the economy was good.

Ruth decided on a journey with Naomi knowing fully well that there was nothing in it for her, nor was any gain in sight. All she simply had was a willingness to walk alongside a bruised and sad Naomi, who seemed to have lost everything.  Ruth earnestly coveted to worship the Almighty God of Israel whom Naomi worshipped and she wanted to experience a lifetime of fellowship with the worshipers of this God and if possible be buried with them. These were the reasons behind her decision. These are the reasons God gave her the handsome and wealthy Boaz. Although nothing was in it for her originally, but for the God factor as her motivation, Ruth got far more than she could have ever asked or imagined. She became a part of the lineage of JESUS CHRIST.

Our take in this especially as single women should be to make it a priority to desire the fullness of God and not ‘things’, in our expectations and aspiration for our future husbands and future homes. God can never run out of sons like Boaz but HE is also seeking for daughters like Ruth.

Ruth’s response is a powerful example of how we are to give full allegiance to God even when we do not know what the future holds. When we surrender to the will of God, when we allow our desires to be enmeshed in His will, God works in unexpected ways to show forth His power and the super working of the wonders of His love as it is being revealed.

Ruth’s loyalty to a woman in despair, her huge respect for a widow’s faithful worship of her God moved her to damn the consequences of a hopeful tomorrow for herself but which in turn resulted in her long term good.

God always shows Himself strong to all whose hearts are loyal to Him.

Isn’t it time we desired men who fear God and are seeking to serve Him unreservedly? Isn’t it time we desire to be married and be joined with family and generations of those whose Lord is God Almighty? Isn’t it time we asked if God is in it instead of what we could gain materially? Isn’t it time we made Christ the centre of the whole picture of our now and after?

Next time, before we ask for our Boaz, let us stop and ask ourselves ‘Am I a Ruth? ’

If we desire to see God work in our lives in important ways to influence the lives of many, let us endeavour to become ‘Ruth-less’ in our decision to pursue a future that is God-centred and God-focused. He owns tomorrow and it’s attending blessings and will endow such upon them that fear Him, those who seek Him in Spirit and in truth.

With hearts tuned in God’s direction, we can be sure to see all things eventually working together for our good.  The present miseries and disappointment should not spell an end but rather in faith believe that it is and could be an eventual pathway to an uncommon greatness. With God, nothing shall be impossible.

Shade Vaughan


About Author

Shade is a graduate of Mass Communication and Public Relations, married with children. Motivational and Public speaker, she operates TGOG4Life, (The Grace of God for Life) a Christian charity for mature singles.

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