Point And Kill


From the days of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, God had exalted man to a position above all other created kinds. Rising to the occasion, man has come a long way; having evolved numerous innovations in sports and recreation, science and art. Man has done great exploits in every area conceivable. Man is so like His maker in many ways.

Several pairs of eyes above stared at several pairs of eyes below. The eyes above roved to and fro, twinkling with delightful expectation. The eyes below darted here and there, seemingly attune to their destiny, satisfied with the provisions of their restrictive confine.

Now and then, a pair of eyes above would settle on a pair of eyes below. Then, the hands of the pair of eyes above would point resolutely at the pair of eyes below. Ah, that was the cue for the executioner to move swiftly for the kill. With perfected detachment and a well-practiced lack of mercy, the executioner would yank the selected victim out of the pool of water by its black sleektail. The ‘out of water’ victim swished its torso vehemently from side to side, head turning in semi-circles all the way from right to left writhing in gymnastic- like displays in its grapple for freedom.

Perhaps, it adds savor to the taste of game fish when it is painstakingly sought out, stared down, pointed at, and killed? This is one of the idiosyncrasies of God’s men – children that I have no intention of philosophizing over right now.

From the days of God, most men have remained in the restrictive confine of their home, township, country, profession, background, upbringing, education, disappointments, friends, enemies, traditions, or whatever comfort zone has placed a lid that has restricted their movement. And the accusing devil and his condemning cohorts have cunningly encircled this restrictive confines going to and fro to point and kill.

All men in the Milky Way (seeing as some have temporarily relocated to the moon and other planets) are like the fish gathered, birthed, and nurtured for the eventual end of “point and kill”. Within the murky pond is: stale feed, fish poo, fish wee, dead fish, grimy water . . . the restraining walls of the pond prison. This is the way of men – to wade in murky waters.This is the destiny of man – to advance in the murky waters despite all.

Every man is a potential “point” for the enemy; groomed and nourished over time just for the “kill”.

However, every man has the potential to leap exceedingly high out of the restraints of the pond, land in the expanse outside the pond and dance away to freedom and abundant life in the possibilities of fresh living water.

Whilst the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong in the behalf of those whose hearts are blameless toward Him (2 Chronicles 16:9); Satan goes to and fro walking up and down the earth seeking men to eat up (Job 1:7,1 Peter 5:8).

Every woman must have “LEAP moments” (LEAPLive Exceedingly Above Problems) where she cuts off the barriersto enter into destiny. Fear that erodes faithin God and/or complacent comfort thatbreeds woes remove the spring from mostfeet.

God can kill (Deuteronomy 32:39); the devil’s main goal is to kill (John 10:10a). Regardless, the end of all men is the “kill”. Who would you rather point to you for a kill?

God is the one with mercy, love, sovereign power, salvation, peace, favor, wealth, wisdom, eternal life, deliverance, prosperity, victory, joy, health, posterity, et al. (2 Samuel 24:14).

There is desperate wickedness that is totally evil in anything else short of God’s standards. In the matters of life and eternity, there are no grey areas – it is either black or white. In the matters of life, there is no compromise – it is either defeat or victory. In the matters of destiny, there are no half measures–it is either a SINK or a LEAP. Remaining in the pond, subserviently awaiting the judgment of fate is ‘black, defeat, SINK!’

God is waiting to take you by the right hand and lift you, so that your feet and ankle bones can receive strength.

Babe, ho ha – you need strength to trust and fear God wholly with absolute reverence and in total obedience. This is the spring required to LEAP. This is the way for God to “point and kill” you so that you may live indeed.


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Iyedele Oyedepo-Bolaji is passionate about imparting lives postively through the written word of God. She blogs at http://iyedele.wordpress.com. She is a happy wife and a joyful mother.

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