Pastor Bemigho Omayuku – A SistaPillar of ‘Tough’ Love.


I try my best not to ‘worship’ at the feet of Pastor Bemigho Omayuku. One, because doing so would be a sin. And two, because Pastor B (as she is fondly called by many) would flog me herself! *smiling*. But, honestly, words cannot express how much respect and appreciation I have for this woman of God. She has, over the years, been a veritable pillar of emotional and spiritual support to me. I doubt even she comprehends the full extent of my feelings about her.

It’s akin to how I felt about Pastor Eskor Mfon.

There are some people in your life that just inspire you to be the most excellent version of yourself.

That’s what Pastor Eskor did for me then. That is what Pastor B does for me now. I know some might say only a higher power should be able to do this but I say my Higher Power, the One I call PapaGod has a way of using human beings to carry out His transformative work in the lives of his children. In my case, he continues to use Pastor B, and I love Him for it.

I can put my hand on my heart and say that my prayer life is what it is today thanks to Pastor B. She taught me how to pray. My love for reading the Word of God today is thanks to her too.

I still remember her telling us once during a prayer meeting that praying in tongues without spending time in the Word is just you ‘making noise’. That has stuck with me till today because I want my prayers to be power-packed, and God’s Word is my fuel. Pastor B sowed this pearl of wisdom in my heart.

But do you know what I love the most about having Pastor B in my life? Her tough love. She tells me as it is. If I’m foolish. She will tell me. Her word for foolish is sometimes ‘funny’ *smiling*, but you will get it.  When she asks you ‘Are you alright?’ in that incredulous voice, you want to just go somewhere quiet and evaluate your life! Lol!

I have come to understand that she just cares too much about my eternity to use kid gloves to get me back to my senses. But not once, even when you are at your ‘funniest’, will you feel judged. At least I never have. All I get from Pastor B is love. Tough sometimes but love all the same.

So today, here on this page, I celebrate my one, my only Pastor B!  I brag on God for your life and testimony and I pray to Him to continue to be your Ebenezer in Jesus Christ name. Amen!

Salt Essien-Nelson


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Bola Essien-Nelson is a working wife, mom and blogger turned published author living in the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Lagos, Nigeria. In 2009, her love for people and passion for writing gave birth to her blog ministry, The Salt Chronicles (formerly known as the 'Diary of a Desperate Naija Woman) which serves as a platform from where Bola does her best to encourage people to join her in her quest for Authentic Christianity. Bola's draws her inspiration from all of the life going on around her. She truly believes that, if only we would pay attention, there is a lesson to be learnt from all our experiences; good, bad and even the downright ugly. For three years, she wrote as the 'Desperate Naija Woman' but in January 2012, God gave her a new name. He called her 'Salt' sending her out with a new mission: To use the 'Voice' he had given her to draw lives to His Light. Her first book, in this new dispensation is a collection of fables titled 'True Confessions'.

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