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Like every li’l girl (and lad), I was fascinated with mirrors.  Bathroom mirrors, wall mirrors, cameras, binoculars, telescopes, magnifying glass, puddles, sunglasses, windows; basically any light reflecting surface or image capturing apparatus was enchanting.

More endearing were those mirrors that made me look several sizes/pounds less than I actually was, filled out the curves in the right places, and transformed me into an angelic representation of beauty – mirror, mirror on the wall . . . Till this day, I’d stand in front of mirrors turning, posing, pouting, prancing, mimicking, rehearsing, making faces, adjusting, making up, talking, checking myself out and pretty much just having some fun with me.  Thing is, these days, I’d rather stick with mirrors that show exactly how flappy the love handles are getting and where the fat insurgents have launched a fresh/full-fledged attack. J Yes o!  No point deceiving myself about being a size 10 when I can’t fit into a 16 large.  I’d prefer to launch an attack on the exact enemy locations.

So, mirrors are an amazing invention?  Uhm . . . invention is not quite the word; perhaps – discovery, contraption, artifact, tool, weapon, equipment – oops, can’t seem to find the word but nonetheless, mirrors are amazing!  You look in the mirror and what do you know, there’s your image staring right back at you eyeball to eyeball.  Now, mirrors have always been in existence – polished obsidian, polished metal, silver teapot, shiny new car, computer screen (amazing how ingenious humans adapt specific-purpose items to interesting use like laptop/phone screens as effective emergency mirrors that guide application of cosmetics – what in the world would the manufacturers think?).

Mirrors are a visual aid that help us SEE IMAGES of people/things (sometimes out of the line of sight e.g rear views, molars) with precision in order to: expose flaws so that they can be corrected; avoid danger; or take certain action e.g. style hair.

Mirror fact: Mirrors increase illumination.  Mirrors reflect light, sound, and (atoms of) matter. Your Mirror Image is a Light-Print of you, not a reflection of you from the mirror’s perspective.  Very simply, Light-Prints are created when light from your body stream in straight lines toward a mirror and reflect off the mirror straight back to where it came from.

Glass reflects poorly, water reflects well, and polished metal reflects extremely well (Selah).  The lack of/depth of “veiling” (the dimness/brightness of light and quality of the reflecting surface) determines the exactness of the mirror image.    In essence, the mirror is a medium that expresses the light of the source.  Much, in the same way, we are vessels to express the Light-Print of God!   Voila!

Since God is divinely perfect, His Light-Print is perfect.  But when God views you through the mirror, what does He see? Of course, He sees His Light-Print as He sees Himself and as it ought to be; “perfect”.

He sees through the mirror of faith that innately creates something from nothing.  However, do the light beams reveal God, in whose IMAGE you were created, or as is often the case with us, does He notice “veilings” (things that were not created/purposed from the beginning – “non-existent” defects, exaggerated points, imagined personae, distortions) that deem the brightness of His glory?  James 1:23-25.

Mirror fact: Humans have mirror self-recognition i.e. a measure of self-awareness and the ability to recognize one’s own reflection in a mirror as an image of oneself.  When you look in this mirror, do you SEE THE EXACT IMAGE of God?  What do you see?  What do the light beams on the mirror reflect/reveal?

Neurology fact: mirror neurons are neurons in the human brain that enable “mirroring”.  “Mirroring is the subconscious replication of another person’s nonverbal signals.”  (Wikipedia)

Mirroring is “deep calling to deep”, whipping up a spiritual connection to recreate self-recognition that you are a Light-Print of God.  When His waterfalls roar; His waves and breakers sweep over you with the waters of His atoning blood sent to wash away “veilings”.   “Veilings” that cover the heart/mind are removed by Christ alone so that we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord. 2 Corinthians 3:14-18

With the removal of the “veilings” come a genetical restructuring that engenders a self-recognition as the Light-Print of God; mirroring the behavior of the Almighty becomes instinctively our very nature.  This is wo(man)’s calling.  Therefore, GET CHRIST!

Iyedele Oyedepo-Bolaji


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