Meet Me. I’m Proud.


The thing with life is that nothing is perfect. No one is perfect. That can either be a freeing thought (if no one is perfect then no pressure, right?)or a serious cause for concern. If we are wise, we will refuse to take ourselves too seriously or walk on a tightrope, always afraid to show that side of us that may be less than perfect. After all, we all spill our food, break something accidentally, say things we don’t mean, do the numbers wrong, make wrong choices or mess up important relationships in our lives at some point, or another.

However it is important to consider how we manage such situations when they arise.

How easy is it for you to retrace your steps when you make a wrong turn in life? We all make mistakes. Some simple, some silly, some grave and potentially life altering. How do you handle such moments?

Do you agonize over such mishaps? Groan and whine and wish it never happened? Do you sink into that comfortable couch of self-pity and drown it in your tears? Or maybe you hate to be told that you’re wrong, or you made a mistake or you failed to do something just right.

Someone once said that it is possible to keep doing something wrong not because we want to, but because we hate to admit it is wrong.

I have realized that the rate at which we progress in our life and endeavors is determined by our willingness to reexamine, recalculate and return to the right course after we have veered off it. Kind of like a GPS does.

I believe that two things hinder such progress.

1. Fear This may be fear of judgment, or fear of failure. Sometimes we’re so accustomed to doing things wrong or making wrong choices that we lose the strength to try again. But your wrong choices do not define you. You are not your past or your mistakes. You can rise above them.

It is a painful waste of precious time when we ignore a perfectly bright future and choose to sit in the darkness of past errors.

I know a lot of young women hold back on believing for the best because of past mistakes. Some set painfully low standards in marriage and relationships just because they hold on to the guilt of the past. Bad idea. The past is past. Anyone in Christ Jesus is a new creation. Cast off that fear and see yourself the way God sees you. Fearfully and wonderfully made; a blessing to any man who is blessed to win your heart.

2. Pride Pride surely goes before a fall, and it’s easy to point elsewhere when this searchlight shines on you. No one would like to admit they are prideful in any way. But when we fail to acknowledge that we are fallible and capable of getting it wrong sometimes we are practically walking around with a sign on our head that says, “Meet me. I’m proud.”

To be aligned with the truth at all times, we need to examine ourselves. In what area of your life do you need to retrace your steps and get things right? This may not be an earth shattering change you need to make. It could be your attitude towards work, or your co-workers. Maybe slothfulness towards personal tasks or spiritual matters. It doesn’t matter what it is, it should not stop you from maximizing your life. We should never take ourselves too seriously that a mistake becomes an abomination, but we must never let our lives be defined by our missteps either.

Get on the right track today and keep going. Your life and destiny is too precious to leave it to chance, fear or pride.



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    Wow. Very insightful. Its not about how big the mistake you made,. What matters is how you deal with it or fix it. That is so true.
    Eventually, Knowing that every situation can be fixed and those that cannot be fixed are not worth worrying about, and that even the unfixable can be turn out for our good- I think that takes away a lot of the fear of mistakes and failure that keeps us from fulfilling our God given mandates and our destiny in general. Thanks Effectual. I always experience an increase reading your articles.

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      It’s so great to have you write in and hear how effectual is blessing you. You are loved and appreciated.

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      Thank you for your feedback. May you live beyond your mistakes and fulfill all of God’s plan for your life. Remain Blessed.