I met Mayokun Oreofe at a meeting for women empowerment in Lagos state the first time.  We sat through the training and the subsequent conversations; I do not remember that she said anything beyond introducing herself to the group.  During the networking session, we exchanged cards and because I am terrible at networking, I decided in the car on my way home to send everyone who gave me their card a message just so I could keep the communication line open.

Mayokun was one of the few who responded, and she was the only one who responded with a compliment. We spoke after that and promised to have lunch, but that didn’t happen as soon as I anticipated.  Within this time she got back in contact with me to ask about my book Sista Power, came back to order copies for everyone at VPWM, and we eventually had lunch.

I will never forget how that lunch stretched almost into dinner, we had so much to share and learn off each other and by the end of that time together, I knew I had met a kindred spirit and that I have found a relationship I would cherish.

What is my biggest learning from Mayokun’s life? Her fervency in prayer and seeking God is different.

 She doesn’t only say she wants a deep and vibrant relationship with Him, she actually does the work to make sure that relationship is alive and burning.   Every time I think about Mayokun I see someone who is not afraid to step up to big things and push till every obstacle gives way.  Packed in this petite frame is a woman who knows her God and is not afraid to do exploits.

Looking for a big God?  You need to check out His daughter Mayokun, being around her makes it easy to see God’s DNA all over. 

You will enjoy her story, but more importantly I do pray you feel her fire.  Enjoy!

GLLMy name is Olumayokun Oreofe. By the grace of God, I am the Visionary of Victorious Prayer Women Ministry, a ministry mandated by God to enforce the Victory of Calvary. My journey into this assignment is quite a funny one. Running a women ministry was not primarily in my life’s goal; as much as I loved and still love God and was sold out to serving HIM, I never imagined abandoning business which was my life to focus solely on ministry. Let alone, women ministry!

The story started a few years back when I suddenly had a burden for which I couldn’t trace any physical event or occurrence. I just realised that I out of nowhere began to have this strong urge to pray, so I called on about three persons around me and expressed the sudden burden for prayer which had come over me.

I told them I was going to a camp to Pray, and they agreed to come along with me.

We prayed like there was no tomorrow and at the end of the three-day seclusion, I thought that the burden would lift, but it lingered still.

This became the first of many prayer sessions away from town with more people joining in each time.  It was strange then that I really didn’t have to call out to anyone to join, but people came anyway. Essentially, because those who came anyone time went back to their circle of influence to invite others for subsequent ones, and this caused an increase in our number as time went on.

On one of those meetings that I came to call prayer exploits at the camp, I heard God say Victorious Praying Women Ministry! I got transfixed because I didn’t set out with any intention of setting up a ministry in that regard especially as I had an existing fellowship where female entrepreneurs gathered to worship God.

God went on to elaborate and said to me “this is an assignment for your life, raising for me enforcers of the finished work at Calvary”. I was scared stiff and decided to stop those rounds of prayer at the camp even though they had evolved in frequency into a monthly thing.

I stopped though now I know it was only a paused for about two months thinking that if I stopped the meetings, the voice instructing me would also stop. Fortunately, that was not the case because everywhere I turned, came the word of God after me “woman God is calling you, why are you not obeying” I couldn’t move freely in the circle of believers anymore, that voice fished me out in prophecy every time.

Eventually, I had to submit to God, surrendering to His will and so VICTORIOUS PRAYING WOMEN MINISTRY (VPWM), the mothership of the four specialised platforms I oversee was birthed.

I am gratefully and joyfully married to my sweetheart of 28years Pastor Olakunle Oreofe, and we consider ourselves privileged and blessed of God to have our two Covenant children. I am the first of the four children of Sir Nathaniel Olugbolahan Olude (of blessed memory) and Madam Irene IbilolaOlude. My family is originally from Abeokuta in Ogun State of Nigeria.   I was born and have lived in Lagos almost all my life except for my college days and Youth Service Corp that took me out of Lagos periodically.

Growing up I had a profound love for trading (as it was referred to then). Whilst in school I always felt the nudge to do petty business but wasn’t encouraged in any way to go that route by my parents (they were both dedicated bankers hence the only life they envisioned for us their children was in ‘white collared’ jobs). My entrepreneurial instincts found its first expression whilst I was home awaiting my call up for the National Youth Service. And of cause when I had the liberty of going away from home to serve my motherland in Abuja, the federal capital territory, this was my opportunity to do “my own thing”. It was such a wonderful experience for me.

GLLI started trading along my youth service posting to a government parastatal for that one year. Without even trying, I became a renowned trader within the organisation in a very short space of time. So I guess I can say I had always known that I am wired for enterprise. However, even within that space, I couldn’t deny a heavy sense of kingdom responsibility that I felt alongside my love for the business world.

To clarify for myself the conflict that was bound to arise between my love for enterprise and my Kingdom responsibility, I reasoned as I grew as an entrepreneur; by now dealing and handling bigger and more solid enterprises that my profiting was for Kingdom financing.

As a matter of fact, both I and my husband used to see and call ourselves ‘Kingdom Treasurers’.

We focused so much on this and assumed that was all our lives was about until the Lord withdrew the wheels from our enterprise and created the void that led me to concerted inquiry and supplication prayers. It was in the place of prayer that He redirected my focus and navigated my path, which today has turned out be the most fulfilling thing I ever could imagine doing.

DNA in context with DESTINY AND PURPOSE, to me, is best described in one word “wiring”.DNA to me is the way God ‘wired’ me or anyone else for that matter. It is my composition, my configuration, my constitution.

It is what and how God put me together; the mix that makes me function the way and manner in which I function. I see it as the structure through which my Destiny and Purpose in life is expressed.

Destiny to me is simply what/where God has predetermined me for. My Purpose is the reason I am here on this side of eternity, my mission, what my pursuit in life should be as determined by God. It’s the original intent of God for deeming me fit to come into this world. It is the WHY of my being here.

As a matter of fact DNA, Destiny and Purpose are intertwined and connected as without an understanding of them, no child of God can deliver on his God-given mandate.

Genesis1: 26 in my view addresses God’s Victorious nature inputted into us all as beings.  DNA/DESTINY addresses the peculiarity of each one of us and why we are here. I strongly believe that DNA is personal; because my reason for being here isn’t your reason for being here reasons may be similar addressing the same issues but perhaps in our individual uniqueness). Genesis 1:26 is, however, the edge I have (if rightly deployed) that ensures the essence of my DNA is not subdued or choked.

Is what I do life or work? This is a very confusing ground for most people.

Most people live a separate life from their work or what they do.

For me, however, my destiny is what I live out; it is my life and my work]. Whether I am gainfully employed, or I am running an enterprise or faith-based ministry, all should represent who I am and what I was sent here to do. My flavour should be tasted at work and throughout my life. Daily I live my work, and I work my life. Simply put, I have no separate work from life. My life on the road is my work in the office.

That said, here is a sample of what my work and life is like most days. I wake up to meditate most days although I am not particularly a routine person like that so a few days it’s not as stated. Since my work is not restricted to my physical office, I start work(my life) attending to people right from as early as 6:30 am. I attend programs/ meetings scheduled, for the day. Return home still working (living), earliest time occasionally 6:00pm, and most times 8:00 or 9:00pm.

Typically I work attending to people’s needs, ministering the word of God at programs, speaking at events, counselling and just generally fulfilling purpose.

Raising entrepreneurs has been, I humbly say, very fulfilling. I have seen God bring me into contact with people whose enterprises were messed up whose businesses have since transformed in the place of prayer over the years into thriving enterprises. We have also been privileged to minister to women who had no direction of what to do but have since received instruction and have ran with it. The latest tilt to this assignment of mine (apart from prayers and seminars), is the development and empowerment of God’s people. This year God enabled us to start an enterprise development centre- THRIVING ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (TEDC) that focuses on equipping our women with Skill and Knowledge.   We have since graduated our first set, and God has just been both faithful and true to His Word.

My greatest thrill on this journey is the TRANSFORMATION of lives I have witnessed over the years. I have seen people’s faces lit up from obscurity to limelight several times. The fulfilment that comes watching the blossom from hopelessness and helplessness to great joy and impact compares to nothing else I can imagine.VICTORIOUS PRAYING WOMEN MINISTRY, as mentioned earlier is a ministry mandated by God to enforce the Victory of Calvary in the lives of people.

At Calvary, Jesus fought the battle for our dominion, and He won. This He did so that no single person that belongs to Him would live in oppression and subjection. The dominion mandate is, therefore, what Calvary is about, and that’s exactly what VPWM is assigned to enforce because the arch enemy of God and His people will never allow that free access to God’s provision.

GLLIn order to accomplish this task, the ministry has four major platforms through which it reaches out to women in different segments and even families as a whole. Under this flagship, we have Thriving Business Women Fellowship (TBWF) a fellowship platform for female entrepreneurs. The main focus on this platform is prayer [though informative seminars, summits, exploration trips, networking and trade shows are inserted at various times). This platform emphasises the total woman. Business success is not our only call, rather all round success. Hence our fellowship meetings incorporates all aspects of the woman life; family, health, enterprise et al. We have this platform in two locations(for now), with a third in view; all in Nigeria-  TBWF Lagos, TBWF Abuja and TBWF Port Harcourt.

Threshing Floor is our core prayer platform. On this platform, the focus is prayer and prayer alone. Life’s challenging issues are brought to this floor and God’s intervention is sought in the place of prayer with assured Victory. Scores of testimonies attest to the efficacy of prayer on this platform. This platform embraces women from all works of life. We have this platform in four  locations spread across three nations with the fifth Centre in view- Threshing Floor on the Island and  Mainland of Lagos and Threshing Floor Ibadan( coming soon) all in Nigeria, Threshing Floor Accra Ghana and Threshing Floor London, England.

Flourishing Career Women Fellowship(FWCF). Operates from one location in Lagos, and it’s designed to boost the prayer/spiritual life of the working woman.  Our fourth platform is Vessel of Mercy, which is our benevolence platform where the kindness of God is meted out to those in dire need. It caters above all things for school fees support to member’s children as well as feed member families by providing for their storehouses.

Instinct seems a natural aptitude or impulse inborn to just pre-empt.

For me, it’s very close to discernment which I consider as a Holy Spirit guided detective moves. It helps you to decipher the good from bad. You see and perceive things beyond mere face value.  This keeps you from falling prey to deceit and deceitful people of this world. There are too many fake beings. People who daily live a lie. People whose judgement and value for truth has been corroded. Without discernment, a pure-minded and good spirited person will fall into life’s pit several times on the journey of life. Can we count how many persons have been duped, how many have been betrayed and backstabbed. Wow! I don’t think life without the eye of discernment, and the caution of same is safe.

pastor M.O 9So how do I deploy discernment and instinct when it is beyond my capacity to explain to my team? I have learnt just to follow my heart(as I always strongly believe HE leads me). When I can’t find expression for my strong perception, I encourage my team to follow me as I follow Him. I take the step in faith, and sincerely one step has always led to another and we have found ourselves in a bigger picture (that wasn’t expressly clear at the onset. Over the years, repeatedly hitting success in such instances have made my team relax and learn that  flying with me even when the weather seems unclear is safe as long as I continue to follow God; and God helping me, I intend to keep following Him and no one else.

One thing about life is that life is a risk. Hence Faith and stepping out in same is the way to go when on a journey with God. Trusting the maker and giver of life that He will always guide.

If I could do my life all over, my first step certainly will be to accept Christ from the minute I know myself. I won’t wait to make mistakes before I align with my spiritual satellite navigator. If I could do over, I will choose more growth and development over fun like I did early on this journey.

My Life principles.  My life is built on God and nothing else. I won’t trade my relationship with God for anything in this world. I am a product of His Grace and a beneficiary of His Mercy. For me, this is one major unchangeable principle for my life.

The next is intertwined, because am so grounded in Him, my greatest goal in life, is to do His Will. Every time I set out thinking or proposing any move, I thirst for His Will on the subject matter. I strive to do His Will always (though I can’t yet claim a 100% compliance) but doing His Will is my heartbeat.

I hate to see pain or lack in people’s lives. I hate a deficit. Therefore Giving Joy is a guiding Principle (in fact it is purpose) for me. I live to give JOY. In everything I do, a major and critical factor must be that it gives Joy.

Giving for me is living. I won’t also compromise this. I live to give. It’s a nature. I can’t stand stingy people, I can’t shut my ears to the cry of need. I believe it should be a way of life for everyone.

Another principle I hold dear is living real, living true. Hypocrisy is one thing I abhor. Feigning or pretence is repulsive to me. I love to be true in relationships; I won’t deceive you to like me when I can’t stand you. I keep it real and true.  Integrity is a ladder am climbing so keenly, and an ability to stick with it is the sustainability for all endeavour.

My advice to women all over; WOMEN ARISE!!!! Get up and get going.

Don’t die in the shadow of anyone. Be it parents, man, friend or even your children. You are multifaceted in wiring, so you can service all of these streams even as you focus on YOU. Don’t make it happen for others forgetting yourself. Please hear me as this is very true. I have come across women who argue that their life’s goal is to attend to everyone in their lives but themselves; while I agree you are called to your family, my take here is, DISCOVER YOU (Purpose) and ACCOMPLISH same (Be YOU). Don’t die to find out you gave the wrong answer to the question you were sent to resolve on this side of eternity.

ALIGN with the syllabus of your Maker.

Be deliberate with life, taking into account that most women are laid back. Don’t allow anyone say to you that you cannot. Darling, YOU CAN in every area He has predetermined you to impact. Let’s stop the ‘beefing’ of one another. Let’s learn to celebrate those amongst us who have discovered and are climbing the ladder of Purpose.  It will surely be your turn soon even as you continue in the quest to ACCOMPLISH.

I love you Woman; God loves you even more!

In conclusion, I want to thank Effectual Magazine for giving womanhood a refreshing read. This is sanity in print as against gossip and vanity that fills the pages of most shelves. I appreciate the Publisher and her entire team. I bless God for your lives and pray that this assignment shall speak for generations to come. God bless you.


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