Let’s Make this!


When I was a teenager I remember seeing some kids on TV and feeling very left out on life. I was so convinced that every child was either on TV or doing something equally exciting and I was stuck on the outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria swatting off mosquitoes and wiping my sweaty brow thanks to the sweltering heat. In order words, I had become dissatisfied with my life as a teenager!

Every time I thought of the things I liked to do it was always, reading and writing. And I couldn’t shake of the feeling that somehow there was nothing special about me. Who cared that I loved to read and write? Everyone was out there doing exciting things and I was holed up in my room reading and writing!

You can imagine how hard it was for my young mind to understand. Fast forward several years later, I am at my second job, which I did not like, dealing with people who seemed too complex for human understanding. And I still felt like life was passing me by. Yes, I had a job, but somehow I knew there was more to life than waking up at 5 am and dropping back into bed at 10:30 pm, feeling totally drained by work, traffic and life. I wanted more.

Was there something specific I could do? A difference I could make? Something I could create for others to enjoy or learn from? Something, anything at all?

It took time for me but slowly and with the help of friends who believed in me I was encouraged to take a very unconventional job. It was so unconventional that my sister and some of my friends wondered why I was wasting my good second class upper degree doing it. But it was what I needed. It made me see my gifts for what they were. Something I could use not hide away. Something that could make a tangible impact while bringing me fulfillment in some way. Today I have no regrets.

The same is true or should be true for all of us. Our God is creative. I’m sure no one will argue with that. I mean look at all He made! Look in the mirror. He has good taste! And the most exciting thing is that he breathed in us thereby giving us the very same life. The life that ‘quickens.’ The life that births new life. And this is what we must do.

We have been given the power to create. This is evident in the life man has created for himself. Sometimes I marvel at the creative ability that we have. Great minds sat down and designed, thought up, created amazing things that make our lives easier today.

But those great minds need not be confined to a certain geographical location, or race of people or class of elites. We all have what it takes to create. To make something that will cause a great impact. A process, an organization, a business, music, literature, buildings, products, ideas… the list is endless.

We create because we are creative beings armed with the power to bring change and make a difference. We create to give glory to the one who created us. We create to show the power of the most high. We create to bless and not curse, to give life not take it away. To give hope and spread love, not hate and despair. To make a difference that will last.

So what have you been thinking about, praying about, planning and strategizing on? It’s time to make it happen. Every day is an opportunity to do something grand for the glory of our God. We can. We must.

Let’s make this!

Remi Roy


About Author

Remi Roy is a writer, author and media content professional. She has a Master’s Degree in Emerging Media and Communication from the University of Texas at Dallas. In the past she has worked as a Magazine Editor and written for several magazines and online platforms. She blogs at http://thelightedgirl.com/blog/. Her first book, Ms. Unlikely, is the story of a young woman’s search for meaning, fulfillment and love and is available on Amazon.

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