Darling Father

I have no other God but you.  As I stand to watch the world come to an end all I can say is I am amazed at all that you have done in me, with me and through me.  Words fail me to express my heart and song for you.  I remember that when this year started so many people were fearful, most thought that Nigeria was breaking and the world as a whole seemed like it was all turning on its head.  Here we are in December, and it seems like it can only get better.  Indeed Lord, I have no other God but you.

You O God, has done what no man has done, and you will do what no man can do.  

Nobody can do the things you do, you are the most Holy God, the great I am.  Awesome in all your ways and mighty You are.

You this God who took me, cleaned me out and made me a shining star, you are too good o.  I will worship you forever, love you forever because, this God you too good o.  

And that’s why even as this year comes to an end, as I have breath and as you give me life, I give myself away to you.  Use me for your glory.  I am willing, available for your use in 2016, use me dear King, of glory.  Because I know that I am at my best when I am useful to you.  

You are such a good God.  I will worship you forever, I will pour myself as a drink offering to my God who is too good and whom nobody is greater than.  This is the song in my heart today.  You dear King are too good o!



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