His Father’s Spitting Image


My second son is a spitting image of his father. He is proud to tell the whole world that he and his father are alike in so many ways to the extent that you would think he was cloned from his father. I had to sit him down and point out some of the traits he got from me. I told him how he and I are the ones with dimples on one cheek. He has an amazing capacity to pile up his plate with activities and stretch himself to incredible limits. It was with great pleasure that I reminded him that there is only one other person in the house who has the capacity for a fully-loaded plate — yours truly.

He recognized early that as his father is, so he is in many ways. So are we who are created in the image of God.

Every person made in the image of God possesses a unique endowment from God. We are endowed with spiritual capacity in the likeness of God. This includes the ability to think, originate and conceptualize an idea, and to complete it — bring it to pass just as God did. One of the greatest assets God endowed man with is the gift of imagination, that is, the ability to create in the inner mind or envision a thing. I dare to say that no man created in the image of God is bereft of a unique ability to create. I can audaciously stand on this truth; not a single person on the surface of the earth is without the capacity to create. It is an innate ability inputted by God when He created us in His image and thus allowing us to share or partake in His creative nature.

Everyone created in the image of God is created for a unique purpose to bring glory to God. Each of us has been uniquely gifted by God to flourish and to produce. We are individually charged with the responsibility to be productive and to be a steward of God’s vast resources. This is the mandate we received after God created us. We can, therefore, be confident that the seed of creativity and productivity was embedded deep in the core of our being when God breathed into man. If the seed is embedded in us, then we have the ability to exhibit the nature of that seed—the creative nature of God.

God not only gave the ability, He also gave the mandate of what to do with the ability. Also, He provided the environment where man can put the ability to use. Be fruitful, multiply, replenish and subdue are action words. These are instructions to be active in manifesting the nature of God we have received.

If we are going to have a vision of God’s purpose, of who we are called to be, and where we are heading to in our lives, we have to have an insight into who God is. Because we are created in His likeness and according to His image.

It is important to note here that God began by saying, “Let us create man…” And He did. He conceived the idea, and He followed through with it. He instructed them to do the same by being fruitful and by multiplying. Simply put, He charged man to continue the work of creating.

What struck me about this is that God did not stop at the stage of conception or envisioning. He brought to manifestation what He conceived. You and I must do the same. It is not enough for us to dream and imagine, but we must actively follow through to ensure that the creative vision is made manifest.

The man created by God is original, he has no duplicate. He is also effective and well-fitted for his assignment and the purpose for which God has created him. Therefore, since we have been endowed with God’s creative ability, we are also endowed with the ability to create things that are original, effective and well-fitted to be solutions to problems. If what we are creating is not solving a problem, then the product of our creativity is not effective or well-fitted for the situation. The effectiveness of our creativity is determined by the extent to which it fulfils God’s purpose for our lives.

The expanse of the expression of our creative abilities is vast. It is also diverse in the uniqueness of its applications for each of us. We are not limited in our ability to express the creative nature of God in us.

Just as my son is proud that he exhibits his father’s likeness, you and I also should be proud, ready and willing to manifest God’s creative nature which is already in us.


About Author

Irene Olumese holds a Ph.D. in Nutrition Sciences from the University of Ibadan. She worked with UNICEF for fifteen years in four countries. She is an inspirational speaker and a writer. She blogs at www.touchinglives4good.blogspot.com where she shares the story of God’s amazing grace sufficient to sustain all God’s children through life’s storms. Irene runs her beading business tagged Hands of Grace Creations. She is the founder of Feet of Grace Foundation, a not-for-profit organization through which she raises funds for the provision of prosthetic limbs for amputees. She is married to Peter, they live in Geneva and are blessed with two amazing sons.

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