Hidden Treasures By Irene Olumese  


Daytime temperatures are rising. The winter is passing. Spring is around the corner. Soon the seeds hidden deep in the darkness of the grounds will spring forth to life, and the fields will be covered with brilliant blooms again. They laid dead beneath the surface through the harsh, bleak winter when the fields looked bare. What they were is known only to the farmer, and waiting to be discovered at the appointed time.

It was on one of such sunny and bright afternoon that my neighbour visited me. Soon our discussion veered to parenting teenagers. She wanted to learn from my experience. I shared what it was like—the ups, the downs, the many travails in prayers and the lessons I learned in the process. We finished, and we prayed. She got up to look at Hands of Grace Creations (beaded jewelleries) on display in a corner of my living room.

“You are gifted.” She exclaimed. “How did you discover this gift?” I smiled.

I shared the story of the many years I sat on my hands staring out of my bedroom window. I told her how I went from a 26-hour day agenda to a snow-white agenda. The only blot of ink on the pristine white agenda each day was medicating, and keeping my chest clear of infection to stay alive. I told her how many times I cried out to God to take my hands and use them. I told her about the condition that led to doctors proposing to amputate my hands and God’s miraculous intervention.

“You see I was trained as a Nutrition Scientist. Chemistry, physics, maths and biology formed my foundation.” I explained to her. “But somewhere inside of me was a love for crafting words. However, this creativity—writing and beading—sprung out under the pressure of my challenges and afflictions.”

“Hidden Treasures” was her response.

Conversation switched. We began to talk about our sons’ dreams and passionate pursuits in the field of technology and engineering. Then I shared with her how my first son discovered his love and passion for photography while on the path of electrical engineering. We both smiled and said together, “hidden treasures.”

And then we prayed some more that our children will discover, develop and nurture the gifts and talents God has inside of them, and within their DNA even before they were conceived in our wombs. We prayed that our children would be lead to the place that will be conducive for them to thrive and operate in the gifting for which God created and intended them.

The phrase, “hidden treasures” swam around my head long after she left. The more I meditated on it, the more I realised,

God has already made the deposits of the talents, gifts and skills that will enable each of us to walk in the fullness of our destiny.

He has placed in us what we need to fulfil our part of His Kingdom agenda.

“I will give you hidden treasures, riches stashed away in secret places, so you may recognize that I am the LORD, the one who calls you by name, the God of Israel” Is 45:3 (NET).

You and I have been created by a divine plan. God formed us by a special design for a specific purpose in His Kingdom agenda. When He breathed the breath of life into us, He directly implanted in us everything we need to become who He created us to be and for what He intended us. These treasures are hidden beneath the surface where they are yet to see the light of day. They are waiting to be revealed.

In His infinite wisdom and based on His plans and purposes for our lives, He takes us through situations and circumstances that will cause us to discover these rich treasures He placed in us. The pressure of our circumstances squeezes the treasures out of where they are hidden. They are like precious gems hidden in the depth of the earth. The fact that we have not discovered them doesn’t mean they are not there.

At the appointed time when we need each of the gifts and skills God placed in us to fulfil His purpose, He summons them out—calls them into existence. We recognize them through the yearning of our hearts and the things we seem to have the propensity to want to do. There are also times when we have to dig deep to find them. Thanks be to God; we have the Holy Spirit at work in us, causing us both to have the desire to do and to actually do of God’s good pleasure.

It is my earnest desire that each of us will, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, discover the rich treasures hidden within us, and we will use them to the great honour of the name of our Lord.


About Author

Irene Olumese holds a Ph.D. in Nutrition Sciences from the University of Ibadan. She worked with UNICEF for fifteen years in four countries. She is an inspirational speaker and a writer. She blogs at www.touchinglives4good.blogspot.com where she shares the story of God’s amazing grace sufficient to sustain all God’s children through life’s storms. Irene runs her beading business tagged Hands of Grace Creations. She is the founder of Feet of Grace Foundation, a not-for-profit organization through which she raises funds for the provision of prosthetic limbs for amputees. She is married to Peter, they live in Geneva and are blessed with two amazing sons.

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