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A while ago, someone came into my life, and just looking at the place they were at, status and all; I concluded that they had come to save me from…I don’t know what exactly, but yes, they had some great influence over me and the things that I did. One day, someone else mentioned to me that I may just be more to this person than I was thinking.

While the idea sounded nice, I mean it will be great to be useful somehow to the destiny of someone this… well… important, I just couldn’t see how that was possible. This individual had more clout, was very clear about what God had called him to do, was older, had more money… need I go on? So just what can I contribute to his progress and advancement? Hmmm!

Well, fast forward five years down the line. This individual is still as powerful and graced by God as he was when I first met him. He has even evolved over time and has gained more exposure and growth. But then one day, he calls me to ask me a favour, to me it was nothing but to him, it was huge and he really was desperate that I said yes. To be honest, I didn’t even have to contemplate my response for a long time; what he was asking me to do for him was really easy for me, and wasn’t going to cost me anything substantial.

And when it was all done, he said to me “I now know that this is the reason you came into my life”, what was he talking about? “Me, in his life for a reason?” I thought he was the one in my life for a reason!

Then I remembered what someone told me at the outset of the relationship. I began to think about all that had transpired in the years I have known him, and I began to think about other relationships over the years and it dawned on me…

Our relationships are all transactions in destiny. We are in each other’s life because we all hold something that will brighten the light of the other’s destiny.

Each relationship is vital and critical to what God wants to achieve through us together. Now I get it! Destinies are riding on how I deal within my relationships… destinies are riding on who I get into relationship with… destinies are riding and depending on who is a priority in my life.

Someone told me recently, that as God’s children we cannot afford to be frivolous and it hit me real deep within that indeed my God is a purposeful God, does nothing frivolous so if he allowed me into your life, there must be a reason and it must be an important one.

With this at the back of my mind, I bring you a lesson today and it is my prayer that you will get and keep it in your heart. Everyone God brings into your life made it in for a reason; first ensure that you recognise their place in your life and make sure you give them the access they deserve, just as you must ensure that they know why you are in their life too. Secondly, remember that we cannot be frivolous and that our God is not a frivolous God, which means we must treat those people as priorities and not options.

I saw a post on someone’s wall on Facebook recently, and it said something like “if you treat me like an option, I will leave you like a choice”. I couldn’t stop thinking that, “yes that should be my attitude”; I should settle it in my heart once and for all, that I will treat my relationships as priorities and not options. If you will get the best out of anyone, make them a priority. That way you will be able to make meaningful contributions into the transactions of their destiny just the same way they will be able to do for yours.

Let me close by saying that I have lived long enough to see that everything has a way of coming full circle; with the measure with which you give out, will it be measured back to you. Be deliberate; never forget that our relationships are transactions for destiny.

Be wise; make a priority those whom God has given you for the season you are in. Be thankful, because if God allowed someone into your life, they are important, just as you are important to the transaction of their own destiny.

May God preserve your relationships.



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    To me I believe that every good relationship is for God`s purpose and will. In a relationship one should also be very careful and learn to appreciate all he or she has. Then within a space of some time exercising patience one would reap the full benefits.