Building Blocks of the Eternal


As my understanding of life in God grows, I realise that certain elements of life that we often put into silos are not designed to be that way. There is no “spiritual life” separate from a “physical life”, or “worship” separate from what we refer to as day-to-day activities. Actually, the more we realised that all things are connected, we are able to achieve significant synergies to enable us get more out of this brief time on Earth that we call life.

Bringing this home, you will find that the fulfillment of purpose is tied in many ways to business and money, which may be yours or someone else’s. Business and Money are crucial elements for the getting resources which will be needed to get certain results and the more skilled one gets at business, the easier it is to understand the acquisition, management and maximisation of resource.

Just like God…

However, in the pursuit and fulfillment of our unique purpose, a pursuit which will give us the greatest sense of fulfillment, there is the need for a God-like approach to living and ‘be-ing’.

Often, what drives our daily lives and the things we prioritise, is the less grand desire to fulfill base and subsistent needs or satisfy an insecurity.

Many work hard from a fear or even dread, of failure or poverty or a lack of respect from others. At other times we are driven by desires to feed, to mate, to be accepted, and while these things are not bad in themselves, we often fall into a subsistent mindset as we constantly live for “quick wins” and “low hanging fruits”. The result is we are often short term in our thinking and our decision-making as we constantly invest time and resource to build things that are not durable.

If we constantly lay claim to being made in the image of God, how are we wired to create? We are often like eagles that have been reared by chickens in a fallen world, running from heavy winds storms and accepting the ‘grand dream’ of breaking into the farmer’s barn one day so we can have our fill of corn. But like lion cubs that have played with kittens since birth, something in us begins to desire more because, in reality, we are Children of God Almighty!

So how does God do stuff?

“As long as the Earth remaineth, seed time and harvest time shall not cease.” Genesis 8:22

This loaded passage simply says two important things. First, God creates systems that are built to auto-run and last from generation to generation. Second, God creates and allows for systems (seed) that self-replicate. Even within the context of man’s time, God does not pour great resource into the temporal.

When you apply that to our lives here, that makes us start to ask questions and re-think our approach to many things. Is there a mechanism that passes on the values of family from generation to generation? Is there a mechanism that passes on wealth from generation to generation? Is the business concern or business model we are engaged with built to remain relevant and adaptable from generation to generation – and do these self-replicate? Will your establishment still be relevant in 200 years and what are the elements that will make this happen?

Here are a few critical things to bear in mind:

  1. Constantly teach others, and then teach others to teach others. Teaching sharpens the skills of the teacher and student and helps to increase patience.
  2. To be employed is not bad, but there has to be involvement in initiatives that provide resource without you having to always work them, like investments, royalty-earning ventures and businesses with excellent processes.
  3. Treat children and the young with great respect. They are the carriers of the torch(es) of eternal purpose that will bring to life expressions of your vision that you will not see because of the short span of your life. They are not to be seen as a cost-centre to be “bred” sparingly.
  4. Patterns free up the critical currency of Time. Time is what we exchange for resource, the means for accomplishing purpose and freeing up more time. God makes times and seasons and ordains rhythm and weeks. All that is tied to your purpose must show up constantly in your week.

“Be fruitful, and multiple and replenish the Earth…” Genesis 1:28 (paraphrased)

May your work stand the test of time…



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John Igbinovia wears many hats as a Husband, Father, Author, Public Speaker and Recording Artiste. He is also a Business Consultant, savvy in Business and E-payment systems and passionate about Start-ups, SMEs and Business Development. His educational background is a degree in Regional Planning and Geography from LASU, as well as an MBA from the University of Brighton. John blogs frequently at and his novella, 'Kissing Snakes' is available on Amazon. He enjoys tea, long walks, musical instruments and intense conversations on "The Kingdom".

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