Being Genius Like God


I don’t know of any ‘being’ human or spiritual that is more creative than our God. You only have to look around you to see it. Look at all the different fruits, flowers, insects, animals, people, stars, landscapes, beaches, clouds! Don’t you come away in awe, with the words ‘What a mighty God I serve! What a truly creative genius He is!’ bursting from your lips? God is truly amazing. But you know what’s even more amazing? It’s that you are equally gifted. Yes, as “Image-bearers of God” we, His children were born with God’s seed of genius in us. How wonderful is that!

Now,  I know It’s difficult for some to believe this. They look at their lives and can’t see anything special.  They use words like: ‘I don’t have any unique gift’ or ‘I’m just a stay at home mom’ (this one just makes me weak! Do you know the special skills and creativity a mom needs?!) or ‘I don’t think I have any talent that can impact my world’ or other such ‘non-sense’.  Yes, it is nonsense because it makes no sense to believe these lies when the Bible clearly says God created you in His own image! And I know for sure that if God’s DNA is in you, you are anything but ordinary! And even if you are ‘ordinary’ because of what God has put on your insides, you were born to do unique, extra ordinary things.  You don’t believe me? No worries, surely you will believe God. And He says in Exodus 35 verse 35 that:

“He has filled YOU with skill to do every sort of work done by an engraver or by a designer …..”

Did you hear that? God has filled you with skill! You might not be an engraver BUT I’m confident you were born with a skill; a unique skill to do some work for your world to God’s glory. This skill, while it might look like a general one, is as peculiar to you as your DNA. Let me explain. I write. Writing is a skill many have. However, my style of writing is unique to me. Nobody can write like me. They could try. They might even come close but it still won’t have that unrepeatable Salt vibe. That’s not arrogance. It’s just the truth. You, my dear friend also have your own skill(s), truly unique to you. And if you don’t go out there and use them to create impact in your environment, I believe you will have some explaining to do when you get home to heaven when you get there. Bottom line?

When you think about creativity, don’t just think about the arts! God gives a wide variety of creative gifts, and he has given creative gifts to you, too.

God is not a wasteful God. He created everything with a specific purpose in mind. And that includes you my friend reading this right now. You were not ‘just born sha’. You are not a space filler. You were born to fill a specific need here on earth. If you don’t fill that need, it will not get met THE way you were meant to do it. The world loses out and you will have to answer to your Maker.

I always tell people that each of us has a “Voice” and we shouldn’t let anything mute it. In my head, my voice is my creative purpose. It’s my writing in all its forms as well as anything else that I enjoy, benefits another and glorifies God. Each time I write, I create. Each time I create, I feel more connected to my Papa God because I’m being like Him.

I want you to feel the same. If you have an intelligent mind, develop it! If you have the crazy ability to produce beautiful trinkets, stories, clothes, movies, sound tracks, meals, salads, juices, etc. produce them! Work hard, and develop the skills God has given you. The Bible says, “To whom much is given, much will be required.” Take the genius creativity that God has given you and then use it in loving service to God and others.

I would like to share one last thing before I close. Whether you believe me or not about having a skill, believe this please: God is the most Creative Creator of all time. What did He create with? His Mouth. He SPOKE the world into being. He said it and it was. Period. What does this tell you and I? The most powerful creative force we all have lies in our mouth. You see? Even without lifting a finger, we are, with every word we speak, being creative. We are creating our very own lives.

So what have you been creating so far with your mouth?

Beautiful, awe-inspiring, masterpieces like your God?

Or shallow stuff that will pass away when the end comes?

Either way, it’s your choice. Will you be genius like God or not?


About Author

Bola Essien-Nelson is a working wife, mom and blogger turned published author living in the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Lagos, Nigeria. In 2009, her love for people and passion for writing gave birth to her blog ministry, The Salt Chronicles (formerly known as the 'Diary of a Desperate Naija Woman) which serves as a platform from where Bola does her best to encourage people to join her in her quest for Authentic Christianity. Bola's draws her inspiration from all of the life going on around her. She truly believes that, if only we would pay attention, there is a lesson to be learnt from all our experiences; good, bad and even the downright ugly. For three years, she wrote as the 'Desperate Naija Woman' but in January 2012, God gave her a new name. He called her 'Salt' sending her out with a new mission: To use the 'Voice' he had given her to draw lives to His Light. Her first book, in this new dispensation is a collection of fables titled 'True Confessions'.

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