Dear Taramide

I feel your heart, and I can definitely feel your pain.  I can answer all your questions with a clap of thunder and indeed destroy this world and create another.  However, if I do that I will be the God who doesn’t keep His Word.  I had promised remember; that I will never destroy this world again in the same manner I did in the days of Noah…So yes, sometimes when I see how man does behave, it would have been the easiest solution.  But then, if I do that, will I still be the God who does not desire the death of sinners but that they come to repentance?   

Why do they use my genius against me?  Well, because they still live in the fallen state.  In creating and releasing my genius into man, I also gave you the free will don’t forget.  I could have set it up any other way, but I set it up this way because it was important that when man chooses me, it will be because they wanted to and not because they had to.  I didn’t want man to be limited to choosing just me because if that were the case, then it would not be motivated by love.

Why do they use my genius against me?  Well, because those who already are mine, those who have freely chosen me, are yet to order their lives and live in such a way that others are inspired as they see me through them and motivated to choose me.  So while I am not saying all my children are not doing a good job, I am saying that you can do better, because I have given you the grace to be able to do that.

As a result what would be my best answer to all the questions you have asked me today?

 Simple, Tara do your best to be my Ambassador.  Everywhere you go, whatever you do, in all that you say, know that people see me through you and do your very best to be the best version of you that I have created you to be.  Don’t allow yourself to be affected by what others are doing that you forget to do what you should be doing.

You are the light of the world, concentrate on being light and I promise you that in due time, when all my children stand and be light in all ways and in all things, soon this huge darkness that you feel will be dispelled.   So you see my daughter, the answer is in your hands, and the hands of others like you.

Go tell the world that I am God and I am coming back soon, tell them that I bring my reward with me but more than anything, show them what it means to be light.

I remain your Father and nothing will change that.



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